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I engineered a technique helping startups fill technical roles quickly. I call it “Search Sprint”. It’s built to peak hiring accuracy and speed. The former derives from breaking down a tricky role into a univocal equation of variables (e.g. product fit, eng background, geography, etc.), deducing variable-based search schemes, a/b testing pipeline cohorts to max out scout efficiency, and more. Speed peaks from: compressing search-to-reach steps into 3-4 sequential days, and various unusual practices (e.g. ultra-speed BPM playlists to shrink search time, custom sprint diets to boost alertness, and more).

I anatomized my formula in this video.

When I’m not sprinting, I focus on:

  1. Scouting startups with a compact, autonomous, high-performing, audacious prod-eng org. Nonfictional PMF signs. Healthy runway. Against overstaffing, vanity growth metrics and bureaucratic crap. Typically in the early-growth stage and pre-series C. Few of my fellows are,,,,,

  2. Meeting talents in person. I’m eager to listen to the personal story and help explore roles, products to build, and startups to join/found. This helps me find custom-fitted opportunities for each talent.

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